2013 m. vasario 4 d., pirmadienis

Eziukas Kaziukas

Oij ežy ežy ežy,
Kur važiuoji, ką veži?
-Puku puku pus pus pus
Vežam grybus ir lapus.
Rausvą obuolį iš sodo
Na, ir viskas, kaip atrodo.:)

The young officer hedgehog Kaziukas returns home on leave from the military woodland ponds fleet. This year, he received a medal for their participation in the Battle of Mushrooms. And now going to have fun dancing Pine festival.

Kaziukas is 25cm high, total handmade.
Made from mohair and hedgehog-mohair fur, 100% cotton for collar and vest. Cloth takes off/puts on in a one piece.
5 joints, double for the head. 
Inside polyfill, mineral pellets and a little red linnen heart.
Glass eyes, needle felted nose, eyes and mouth. Embroidered fingers and toes.
Bejeweled  with real pearl. 
Not suitable for little children.
Kaziukas can stand, but prefers to sit.


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