2013 m. sausio 27 d., sekmadienis


White colour can be cold, like snow.
White colour can be warm, like milk. With a little bit of mocca it turns to tasty and flavorfull drink - coffee lattè. In a cold winter day a cup of lattè is like a promiss, that warm (maybe italian-warm) days are certainly comming.
Waiting for the summer... with Lattè :)

Lattè is 25 cm high, OOAK, total handmade.
She is made of cotton fur, 6 joints, polyfill and mineral pellets inside.
Hand-painted glass eyes.
Muzzle, nose, eyelids needle felted, with alpaka and merino wool.
Has a red linnen heart inside, and a small cross-stitch on the chest, in the heart's place.

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